Stephen Colbert has been frustrated in his attempts to create a political action Committee (“PAC”) to lampoon the Citizens United decision.¬†Colbert, political satirist and undisputed leader of the Colbert Nation, has run into resistance from the Federal Election Commission because airtime used to promote his PAC could be considered an in-kind contribution by Viacom, which airs his show. It is called the Colbert Super PAC, but wouldn’t he consider the “Super” redundant?

Colbert has frequently addressed campaign finance issues. For example, as noted by his counsel in an FEC filing, during the 2008 election cycle his “‘Hail to the Cheese Stephen Colbert Nacho Cheese Doritos 2008 Presidential Campaign’ provided an occasion to engage The Colbert Report’s audience on the the topic of campaign-related rules and paperwork.” He plans to use his PAC money for¬†“‘normal administrative expenses, including but not limited to, luxury hotel stays, private jet travel, and PAC mementos from Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.'” The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) has mocked Colbert’s efforts as demonstrating the validity of the very Supreme Court decision that is his target.

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Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC Gets Approval

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